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    Android 11: Features, Launch Date ||Developers

    Some of the Unique Android 11 features are:-

    Conversation notifications

    Notification history

    Chat bubbles

    Screen recorder

    Media controls

    Smart devices


    Dark theme schedule

    Play Store updates


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    Facebook campus, a virtual campus for the students

    Facebook launches its new feature Facebook campus on the 10th of September 2020. This feature is to give students a virtual platform to connect with each other. As we know that this year many students missed their graduation ceremony and many of their fresher’s party. College life is about making friends and gaining both knowledge and contacts. Don’t worry if you are one who is missing all the fun because this is what Facebook campus does, it provides students a virtual platform to connect with each other.


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    Unsolved Mysteries Of India You Would Love To Read

    Choose one: Thrill, adventure, excitement, mysteries,etc. one sec., Are you confuse, to select one?? If yes so, these are the parts of your personality. As we all know that, human by his nature is a very curious creature created by God., So can you imagine along with this, if a person is fond of finding unsolved mysteries..


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